How to say NO in sex and when it’s necessary

Why in intimate relations sometimes there should not be a place to half tones, semi-hints and other strange games: in what cases it is necessary to speak no and why reaction of the partner has to be unambiguous too: to take a step back.

People sometimes play different games when they tell one, think another, and do in general the third. But there are situations when no hints have to be taken. At what moments it is necessary to pay attention during sex that at once it became clear: here – unambiguous NO.

You were dragged in a bed by force

Even if nobody threatened anybody with anything and all it seems quite voluntary. In many countries not accidentally accurate information of consent to sex appeared in recent years: she has to be treated unambiguously. All the rest – views, sighs, languid smiles and seductive poses are not considered as consent to make love. The word, through a mouth is necessary.

If it seems to you that you not really seek to indulge in love joys, and the partner not too is interested in your opinion, it is necessary to report distinctly and accurately to him about the desire. Or, in this case, just about unwillingness. This rule has to work in hundred cases from hundred. Even with the permanent partner or the husband – long ago it is time to forbid and delete the myth about a matrimonial duty from all textbooks for well-educated maidens!

He wants to be watched by other girls

If you man wants more people in your private bed. Then it’s healthy to say no. Nobody should become an additional part of your intimate sex life. It’s you two only and he wants to invite more girls – than it’s his problems. If you are a normal girl, you should not agree to that. Even if he uses digital device and invites girls to watch how he has sex with you using live webcam – it’s also a taboo. There are sites filled with girls who can do that. Of course, not every girl will agree, but Jasminlive cam girls probably will accept such offer as they serve VIP clients and get even weirder requests from kinky guys from all over the world.

Cam girls care a lot about their own safety, so they avoid giving out any hints about their private details which could lead to dangerous situations.

He refuses to use protection

It is not important at all whether you take a contraceptive pill or you successfully had the second day of plentiful monthly. Whether he trusts in the fine theory of the interrupted sexual intercourse for protection against unwanted pregnancy – you know how many such adults are men? Horror to think about in numbers, and all is done on a blind trust.

All this has no value at all if you insist on condom use, and he refuses. The answer in this case only one: NO. And he should not be discussed, period.

He violated your red lines about sex

Initially both of you went to a bed to have sex together, in a missionary pose and under a blanket. And already in process it was found out that under a bed you are waited by three horny Latin dudes who are fans of anal sex and double penetration. Any violation of the stated borders in sex – even if it seems well absolutely innocent, but it is not pleasant to you in any way – it is a signal to unambiguous NO.

He wants more

Let’s assume that you met, everything went well and mutual pleasure was reached, and then you want to turn this page and to go further in proud loneliness. Not because the person was some not it, or sex with him was, I would say 3 out of 10 – no, just is not in your plans on different (any, actually) to the reasons live long and happily and to die in one shadow. And here at the partner, on the contrary, matrimonial intentions or at least desire of continuation of meetings were for some reason drawn from where quite to themselves. If not living together, dream under one blanket and trips to giving to the aged grandmother on the weekend.

It is combined with your plans, thoughts and feelings? Is not present? Means, no. Also, there is nothing to discuss here. Neither out of pity, nor out of shame, nor from any emotions (except unless, sincere curiosity) your decision should not exchange.